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About NM Wealth Management Company

Our mission at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company® is to help clients create a lifetime of financial security.

We provide high-quality investment advisory programs and personal trust services through a national network of experienced professionals.

What You Can Expect Your advisor will serve as your personal contact for requests, information and advice, and he or she will coordinate the efforts of other experts within the company to ensure you receive the personal guidance and attention you deserve.

Together, our team will commit to developing a long-term relationship with you that will allow us to:

  • Better understand your unique goals and objectives today.
  • Develop and execute tailored solutions with discipline and focus.
  • Make adjustments to your plan over time as your assets grow and priorities evolve.

Wealth Management Services Our client services go above and beyond what you might expect from a financial services provider. Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company offers:

  • Investment advisory services, designed to:
    • Provide high-quality investment services and products.
    • Build and monitor diversified portfolios.
    • Develop objective, personalized plans.
    • Focus on long-term results.
  • Online access to your account, so you can review:
    • Comprehensive monthly statements.
    • Performance reporting.
    • Account access on a secure website.
    • Current account balances on your investment holdings.
    • Detailed transaction records on all account.